Monday, March 2, 2009

Whit's Here

Whit also came on Friday night.  Everything worked out really well.  I went to a concert at a bar on campus where a famous Danish band was playing.  Their music was in English so I understood it.  It was really good.  Just after then ended, Whit gave me a call and I met him at like midnight.  We stayed on campus that night and get this.  The ONE person Whit knows in Denmark, calls Whit out at the bar we are at.  Apparently, this girl had stayed with Whit a couple months ago for a few nights.  She was a friend of a friend or something.  They didn’t contact each other beforehand either.  That was pretty crazy.  It turned out to be a late night, but, it was fun.

 On Saturday, we got up late, had a quick breakfast and met Sara to go into the city.  One of the Danish students from my hall went with us.  We took the bus to the city and did a self guided tour.  The tour was nice and you definitely see the hot spots, however, you need someone there for some commentary.  

Free Ice Cream Day!  We got some.

For dinner, we ate at a great little restaurant in the basement of a hotel that Sara had read was cheap with good, authentic Danish food.  I would definitely go back there.  This gave me a good idea of what I want to do when I have my family visit in April.

The restaurant bar.

Whit and Sara.  Whit got a "sausage plate" and Sara got the "famous chicken sandwich."

Alex got a hamburger.

My dinner.  It was tuna and qual eggs over a sald with some vinagrette dressing.  It was good.

After dinner, we went back home, took a nap and stayed on campus again that night.  Whit left on Sunday at noon, but, not before I made plans to visit him this Thursday.

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