Monday, March 2, 2009

Friday Nights of Bacon

First off, you must go to in order to understand the inspiration for "Friday Nights of Bacon." 

I had brought up the Bacon Xplosion a week or so ago and the guys really like the idea.  Since we had to do it on a Friday (because of the song), we decided the 27th was good.  Actually, we cook together often.  When someone wants to cook together, they put up their dish idea on a list and you are free to join.  On Thursday, Julie organized a meatball dinner.  You cook it together and clean up together.  The organizer is only responsible for getting the supplies.  

Getting the supplies...that was a task.  I didn't want the meal to be too expensive so I did homework in terms of shopping.  I looked up all the local supermarkets and found their online catalogues to see where I could get deals.  In the end, I bought most of my supplies from Netto, but, I used 2 other supermarkets for some small things.

 At around 5pm we started making it.  It was awesome.  We were all inspired by how epic the bacon explosion is.  First, we weaved the bacon together to form a mat.  Then, you add barbecue sauce and spices.  On top of that goes the meat.  In this case it was a mix of ground beef and sausage meat (taken out of the tube).  Then, more barbecues sauce/spices.  On top of the meat layer, we put a mix of peppers, onions and fried bacon; topped all that with slices of cheese.  Finally, you roll up the meat into a log and then roll the bacon around the meat.  It was the coolest thing I’ve ever made. 

Not to mention, everyone thinks it’s awful for you, but, I don’t believe that.  It is pretty much all meat and if I could have bought organic, grass fed meat, I can’t see anything wrong with it.  It is a lot of calories because of the fat, but, natural animal fat is good for you.  I’m more worried about the sugar in the bbq sauce we used.

We cooked it after that and the smell was amazing.  It looked delicious in the oven.  About halfway through, we pulled them out and added the remaining bbq sauce to the outsides.  When it was finally ready, everyone was in the kitchen and could not wait to eat it.  Martin sliced it up and we were ready to eat.  The 9 of us sat down and enjoyed.  Some people chose to eat it on a hamburger roll, in which case it is like a bacon burger.  I ate my first slice alone; to get the full flavor.  Everyone agreed it was delicious.  It was a great dinner.

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