Wednesday, March 4, 2009

I've been busy

I had a test today, a dinner to prepare for 15 on Sunday, and I'm leaving for London tomorrow after class.  Needless to say, I've been busy.

Today was my first graded assignment of any sort, a test in Planetary Physics.  I thought it was easy.  It is a remarkably different class style, however, from classes at RPI.  In Denmark, there is no mandatory homework and only two of my four classes have a test outside of the final.  I can't believe that.  In a way, it makes it really hard to stay up to date; let alone go to class.  Most professors just upload the slideshow they present to the internet after they present it.  If you can look at it in your room at your convenience, why go to class? 

Most of the time, you go to class because the professor verbally includes much more information than what is on the slides.  There is one of my classes that is a complete joke though.  It is interesting, but, there are no assignments and all the professor does is lecture for all four hours. This class kills me.

I've been preparing to leave for London as well.  That doesn't take much time, but, I'm arriving in England and have to find my way to Whit's hotel on my own.  I want to be sure I'm fully prepared.  Thankfully there won't be a language barrier.  

On Sunday, upon returning at 11am, I need to get ready to cook for about 15 people.  They are the group from my introduction week.  I went out today and bought groceries.  The whole riding your bike thing to the grocery store is getting to me.  That is probably because this is the second day in a row I've done it.  I've bought groceries enough to make 2 bacon explosions, a chicken, and make apple crisp for dessert.  Sunday will be consumed by cooking, but, I like to cook.

Class tomorrow should be really cool.  This is one of my favorite classes.  We are learning about semiconductor physics (quantum physics) and the process of making semiconductors. Tomorrow, there is no lecture, but, we do have a lab.  To demonstrate the step by step process of making semiconductors, we are baking a cake.  Each layer of the cake represents something different.  At the end we get to eat the cake.  It is supposed to be a really good exercise... I'll let you know how it turns out.

Right after that, I get on the bus, to the train, to the airport, to leave for London.  Sweet.

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