Thursday, March 26, 2009


Near the end of the night

TDC was last weekend.  It was a great event.  It stands for "Tour of Rooms."  Each of the 12 participating rooms in our hall had a different drink.  The theme this semester was "colors."  It turned out really good.  First we made dinner together, spare ribs and potatoes, and finally the fun started.  Check it out. 


Room 2.  Some people spent a lot of time decorating.  This room only had some color decorations.

People also put on costumes.  The drink there is a "Tequila Sunrise."  It was good.

After drinking my drinks.  WAAAAYYY too much blue coloring.  I think I got an allergic reaction from all the food coloring.  It went away when I stopped drinking it, but, for a while, my face was all blotchey.  Weird.  

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