Sunday, March 22, 2009


One of the biggest differences I notice between Denmark and the United States is in the department of grocery shopping.  I took some pictures to illustrate my point.  They are from the grocery store Netto, generally the cheapest place to shop.  I do check the weekly flyers from all the stores, so I end up shopping at various locations. 

This is the pork/beef section.  Thats all.

A typical isle.  I'm standing at the end of the store.  You can see the registers at the front.  That is also my friend Grant in the picture.  I saw him there randomly.

Some people checking out.  No shopping carts here.

My groceries:  2 heads lettuce, 3 cans tuna fish, 30 eggs, sunflower seeds, olive oil, a bottle of red wine, and 3 bags of frozen veggies in the bottom.  I think it costed me 30USD.

All the grocery stores are small.  Even the largest that I do not shop at because they are expensive, are half the size of a typical Hannaford or Price Chopper from back home.  Also, surprisingly, there is no Walmart.

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