Monday, March 9, 2009

LONDON, Saturday

On Saturday, we woke up around 9 and planned our day.  We went to the London Imperial War Museum.  It covered the first world war and on (no mention of the revolutionary war).  That was really, really cool.  It was a gorgeous museum; very well laid out and easy to search.  I could spend another couple days in there.  I only spent like 5 hrs in there, but, it was well worth it; especially because it was free admission.   Whit left earlier than I did because I was slow to go through the museum.  I met him back the hotel around 6:30pm.  From there we took about an hour nap and then were ready to go out again.

Big guns infront of the museum.

A German V2 Rocket

The famous American Tank, the Sherman

A replica of "Little Boy," the first nuclear bomb dropped on Japan.

After walking in the front doors of the museum

Another tank.  There was a ton of stuff to look at on the ground.

For dinner, we went to a really nice pizza place close by to his hotel.  We each got a personal sized pizza and they were very good.   We then got on the train to meet another friend of his at a different bar in Notting Hill.  His friend Carl met us there and we had a good time.  We called it an early night because we were each tired and I have to get up early in order to catch my flight back home.  Ugggh.  I’m writing this as we speak.  I’m pulling an all-nighter till I get on the plane for Copenhagen.  I’m a little nervous because I need to catch two different busses to arrive at the airport on time.  We’ll see. 

I was so fortunate to visit Whit at this time.  I was kind of forced to because Whit thought this would be his last week working in London (actually; they need him here badly.  He is going to get an offer to move out here with full time).   Each day was sunny and warm; apparently unusual weather for London this time of year (though a welcome change from the current weather in Denmark).  I had a great time even though I was not touring the city with anyone on Friday.  I would definitely visit again and recommend anyone visiting Europe to stop by London.


*Update*  All my connections in order to get back to Copenhagen worked out really well.  I made sure to leave myself plenty of time wherever I was going.  I left the hotel at 3:10am in order to catch a bus at 3:30am.  From this bus, I had to catch another bus to the airport.  I arrived at Stansted Airport at 5:30am for a 7:15am flight.  The flight was not a problem and I finally arrived back at DTU at 11am.

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