Monday, March 9, 2009

LONDON, Thursday

London is soooooo cool.  So far, I’ve only seen 3 cities; Copenhagen, Berlin, and London.  So far, I’ve liked London the most.  Perhaps it really stood out to me because of the warmer weather and sunlight; something I have yet to experience in Copenhagen.  It really reminded me of NYC; except the cars drive on the wrong side of the road.  However, immediately I felt comfortable.  It was nice to be in a country speaking English again.

My flight to London worked out really well.  I was at the airport about 3 hrs early which was fine.  I was a little nervous because the waited until a half hour before my flight was supposed to leave to declare what gate I was boarding at.  In the end, everything worked out fine.

When I arrived in London, Whit, my friend, told me to check in first at his place.  He had told me that he would talk to the front desk and arrange for a key to be left for me.  I figured out how to get to Whit’s place rather quickly.  The public transportation is really well organized.  It was no problem traveling on my own in London. I had to take 2 different busses to get there, but, it wasn’t a problem. 

WHIT’S PLACE IS AWESOME!!!!!!!  I can’t believe I got to stay here.  What a place.  It was 3 blocks north on Oxford Square; in the center of London.  It is a 5 star hotel, the Langham London.  Normally, the place would have cost 500pounds/night or 750USD/NIGHT.   I have never stayed in a nicer place and probably never will.  Whit usually doesn’t have this nice a room, but, because his last week here was unplanned, this was the best they could do for him.  What a place.  On two of the nights, we ordered room service for dinner at about 1am after we got back in.  It was delicious.  The fridge in the room is fully stocked, from sweets to Red Bull.  You have to be careful though, because everything in the fridge has a sensor on it and as soon as it is removed, you are billed for it.  The bathroom was gorgeous.  Everything was all I could have asked for.

I had to put on the robe.

Roomservice!  Free!  Yes.  Everynight we got it.

I was finally done unpacking at about 9pm on Thursday night.  I then called Whit using Skype from the hotel room He told me he had gone out with some friends to a bar.  He said what trains to take and I did, meeting him soon after.  Like I said earlier, the trains are very well laid out and easy to navigate.  This first night, we hung out in the bar till midnight or so.  Whit introduced me to about 6 of his friends from work.  Everyone was really nice and really interested in why I was there.  One thing that stood out to me was that everyone goes out for a drink after work.  Apparently, all the “young” employees, up to 35, live in the city.  Once you get to that age, it is expected that you move into the suburbs to raise your family.  For that reason, the city is very young.

After ordering room service that night, we both went to bed.

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