Thursday, March 26, 2009


They have a great policy here:  free printing.  That is awesome.  I've acquired 2 ebooks for free.  One was for school, the other for training in the gym.  Then, I go and print them in the library.  I kinda feel bad about doing this because it takes about 20 minutes to print about 300 pages, but, everyone does it.  I usually print about 30 pages at a time so I don't hog the printer.

After that, I go and have it bound, which costs 10kroner (2 dollars).  They also give you a nice plastic cover and back.  You do the binding yourself, but, it is easy and takes about 1omin/book.  Check it out.  Each book costed me $2!  Score!

Also, I've made some additions to my workspace.  One of the kids in the hall was moving, so, he gave me an old monitor he didn't want to move.  Works great.  I've never used two monitors, but, it is the way to go.  I can work so much faster now.

The same kid that left the monitor also left a new, but, big TV that he didn't want to take with him.  I thought I might take it, but, I didn't have anywhere to put it.  That was, until I went outside that morning and a perfectly good desk was in two pieces next to the trash.  I took that inside and put it together.  Looks brand new.  

However, I didn't grab the TV in time and someone else took it.  That is okay with me.  I didn't really need it.  Now I have this nice desk.

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