Sunday, March 22, 2009


My hair was getting long.  Probably the longest it has been in, probably forever.  I kinda liked it, but, it did need a trimming, at least.  My mom reminded me of this as well; every time we spoke on Skype.  

The problem with getting a haircut locally is the price.  When I asked some Danes where to go for a haircut they all recommended doing it yourself.  Most of them get their hair cuts when they go home.  I guess it is cheaper outside the city.  But, for the local places, people estimated I would pay about 50USD for a simple cut.  I was not going to do that.

One of the kids in my kitchen has a clipper and I've seen him cut his own hair.  He said I could borrow it when I needed.  Last Friday, I got the clippers and asked my good friend Sara Laprade to cut my hair. She also removed splinters from my foot one time; I trust her.

She warned me before that she's never cut anyones hair; only some horses.  I told her not to worry.  I just wanted a simple cut.  Buzz the whole thing; leave the top a little longer than the sides. No problem.  

Everything was going great.  We got it down to a nice length on the top and sides.  It was looking good.  We then removed the protective head so she could cut around my ear.  As she did this, she accidently took off all the hair within 1 inch around my ear.  Hmmmmmm, that was not supposed to happen.  We contemplated doing the other ear the same way, but, it looked too weird.  We asked others from the kitchen and everyone agreed, it all had to go.

I don't mind having a shaved head.  I've had one before and I'm not mad at Sara in the least (she felt bad).  It's kinda fun having one.  Lots of interesting looks.  I do plan on a Mohawk sometime in May...

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