Sunday, February 1, 2009

Saturday Night

What a great day.  It was nothing formal, but, half my group decided to meet up at 3 and go back into the city.  Our guide, Anders, met us there again.  We just walked around and did some shopping. 
So far, I haven't noticed the prices being too expensive.  I have learned to shop at the cheapest supermarkets (they have aldi here).  I can buy food for a week for about 120dkk, which is about 25 dollars american.  I'm praciting my rationing.  Beer isn't too expensive if you buy it at the supermarket.  If you buy it at the bar, a cheap beer is 20dkk, or 4 dollars.  This isn't too bad because tax/tip is included in everything.  Most bars are between 30-50dkk/beer.  Like at my fraternity, we have a beer fridge in the kitchen where you can sign out beer for 2.75dkk/beer. Sweet.  You don't get a beer fridge on campus at rpi.
Clothes are expensive.  I lost my rpi hat and I really need one because it is cold.  I went into a huge store in the city yesterday.  It was a 5 story mall of JUST clothing stores.  I know my mom would like it.  I couldn't look for too long because they were closing.  They didn't have any of the hats I wanted, but, I was looking at the french style cap.  I think I'm going to get one, but, not there.  It was 60 dollars american.  I also like wearing scarves.  
Speaking of the kitchen, it is stocked with all the utensils I need.  I was happy to see that.  It might get kind of crowded when all 17 people are around and trying to use it.  Right now, it is nice and clean and a good spot to hang out and talk.  There is a tv in there too.  Half of the stations are stations that I'm familiar with and they are in english.
I'm off now to go to the gym and try to buy a bike from a friend.

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