Friday, February 6, 2009

Floor Meeting

We had our first floor meeting today (monthly).  Including myself, the hall has two new members.  We got the chance to introduce ourselves, even though we knew everyone already. There are elected positions in the hall, such as president, treasurer and scribe.  It is run very loosely though.  We just talked about the condition of the kitchen and what we needed to buy.   We also talked about what food to buy for our "Christmas Lunch" on Saturday.  They call it lunch, but, it is really dinner.  We want to be eating by 5pm, which is really early here in Denmark for dinner.  They usually eat at 7pm for dinner.  

After the floor meeting, we went to the Kampsax bar.  It is the bar in my complex.  It was packed.  I didn't stay too late though.  I'm sure tonight will be long.

I asked to take some photos at the end of the floor meeting.  These are the people I live with and they are great!

Here is everyone, except for the girl on the far right.  She doesn't live with us.  She is Martin's girlfriend.

Now, I'm in the pic.
Some shots celebrating the new guys (me).
Some drinking games.

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