Saturday, January 31, 2009

A great week...

So far, it has been a blast.  Our introduction week is over.  I'm  sad about that because all we've been doing is partying.  Our group became very close.  Once classes start on Monday, I'm not sure we will see each other much again, but, we've created a facebook group and we will try to stay together.  

Thursday we all got up and walked into the town of Lynby to fill out some paperwork.  I stayed in the town and did some shopping  in a mall.  In the afternoon, we toured a famous brewery in the city called Carlsburg.  At the end of the tour was a beautiful bar and everyone got two free beers.  Then, we partied on campus that night.

Friday was lectures on how to be successful in Denmark.  It was all day but I only went to half of them because I needed to catch up on some sleep.  I'm glad I did because we were out till late last night, on campus again.

I'm cooking a chicken right now (beer can chicken) to have for the next week or so.  When that finishes, I'm meeting my group at the train station to go into the city.

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