Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Old Bike

Here is a picture of my old bike.  I wanted to get a photo of it before it got stolen because there is no lock on it.  I don't think anyone would steal it anyway...But, even though the gears didn't work and the seat was too low, the handlebars were falling apart and the front tire kinda wobbled, I grew attached to this bike.  I planned on using it and selling the other one pictured from the other day.  That was, until, it got a flat rear tire.  A flat front tire I may have replaced, but, a rear tire on this bike, no way.  That would require too much work.  Not to mention all the screws are completely rusted, I don't think I could get them off.

In other news, I went grocery shopping today with a kid from my hall, Tyce.  He has a car, so I gladly went with him.  It is a treat to ride in a car and not bike, not to mention you can buy more because you don't have to worry about carrying it back with you. 
Here is a list of some things I bought so you can compare some prices:
2.2 lbs precooked ham (not sliced) = $12.5 USD
3 lbs grnd beef (16-20% fat.  I don't mind) = $12 USD
30 large eggs = $5.5 USD
1 can tomato sauce =  $.66USD
1 store brand deoderant = $5.5USD
3 avacado =  $2.67USD
Saving money by shopping at one of the farthest grocery stores and buying no-name products, only to blow any saved money away during a night in Copenhagen..............priceless.

Keep in mind that I do shop at the cheapest grocery store around.  This is the cheapest you can buy any of these products.

To be honest though

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