Monday, February 2, 2009

First Day of Classes

The first day of classes were today and they went well.  Having two 4hr classes in one day is a lot, but, it wasn't so bad.

The first class, Emerging Energy Technologies, seems easy.  There were only 30 of us in a small classroom and I sat next to one of my friends from France.  The professor lectured for a while and then we got a 20 min break.  My friend and I went back to his place for tea because it was really close.  When we got back we got a guest speaker for another hour and then it was over.  It only lasted like 2.5hrs and there is no homework (I don't think we will have too much).

After that, I went and made eggs (with some ham, salsa and jalepenos) for lunch.  Then, it was off to my next class, Microelectronics.

This class went pretty much as expected.  I sat next to a kid with an RPI sweatshirt on.  As it turned out, he was at RPI last summer for research.  He told me he was a phd student and that scared me a little.  But, I later found out most kids in the class are 2nd yr students.

Once class started, the professor asked who in the class didn't know danish.  Only myself and another kid raised our hands.  I felt kinda bad.  Everyone knows english really well, but, I'm sure they'd rather learn a difficult subject like this in their native language.  Anyway, there was lecture and then we broke off and did some exercises.  Pretty standard stuff.

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