Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Reach Reception

Well, today went better.  At 9am I went to Planetary Physics and that was okay.  At noon, I got out and made lunch.  Mixed some tuna with an avocado and some mayo and spices.  It was very good. Then, I went off to the city again to grab that textbook.  That went smoothly this time and I made it back to campus for our Reach Reception at 3pm.  

For the Reception, the American Ambassador to Denmark came and gave a speech as well as the president of the school.  There were also a few representatives from RPI and it turned out to be a nice ceremony.  It was rather informal for the type of affair, even with all the professional photographers.  At RPI, it would have been an eloquent and dramatic scene.  Here, it was everyone in a large Hallway, standing, and listining to the speaker right in front of them at a little podium. It was informal, but, very nice.

They also had some food on a table.  They had little roast beef sandwiches, salmon rolls, olives, ALMONDS, and chocolate covered strawberries.  After not having almonds in so long, I filled up on them and made that my dinner (I probably ate too many).  They also served wine and champagne.  

Tomorrow, I get ready for Berlin.

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