Monday, February 23, 2009


I've been really busy lately.  I have been trying to organize trips for St. Patty's Day and our break in early April.  As of right now, I think I will end up in Ireland on March 17th.  A group of RPI kids are leaving March 10th and skipping classes that entire week to go to London first.  Over the weekend they are going to fly to Dublin and stay through Tuesday.  
I would like to do that because I've never been to London and the flight from CPH to London to Dublin and back is only 300 USD.  I think that is a good deal considering the weekend we are traveling.  My only reservation is that I have a test in one of my engineering classes on March 17th, of all days.  I already spoke with the professor about taking the exam on the 13th and he said that was ok.  
What I may do is stay for the test on Friday, then leave for Dublin on Saturday and return on Wednesday.  I have found that flight round trip for 239USD.  I have to decide.
April break is still up in the air.

Here are some random pictures that I took:

View from my building when I walk out.  All the snow is gone now.  that was the most we got.

My building in the back.  I live on the second floor.

A bike rack.  They are EVERYWHERE.

My second bike.  I think I might keep this one.  I thought I would sell it, but, my original bike just got a flat on the rear tire and I think it will be a big fix.  

I'm brining a chicken.  It was a lot of work.

Almost ready to go in the oven after the brining.  I quickly steamed some onions and apple slices with cinnamon in the microwave and then stuffed it.
My chicken.  The picture doesn't really do it justice.  It came out a wonderful golden brown.  Most of it is still sitting in the fridge.  It was good, but, a lot of work.  I think I will stick to the beer can chicken.  That meat in the background is not mine.

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