Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Long Day

Wow, today was a long day.  I'm going to go to bed after posting this.  Here is what happened:

I had to go to the city today in order to pick up a textbook that could not be delivered.  I took the bus from campus to the train station, where I got off.  When I got on the bus at campus, I clipped my ticket for 5 Zones--perfect.  The way the tickets work here is difficult to explain, but, from DTU to where I was going was 5 Zones, regardless of bus or train.   When I got to the train station, I wasn't thinking and threw away my ticket because it was used up now.  I got on the train and was riding when I realized what I had done.  I threw away my proof that I had paid for the train ride.  Now I was riding illegally and I had heard stories of people getting fined hundreds of dollars for this.  

Luckily, the police didn't come through the train, but, I was sweating for the next three stops.  (As it turns out, they came through the train on my way home, but, I had gotten another ticket, so I was okay).  

I found my way to the package pickup office and it was closed!!!  Even though, the day before I called to make sure it would be open.  The man there was nice, but, he said there was nothing he could do.  The office hrs are 1:30-8 (weird hrs for denmark).  I would have just stayed in the city and walked around (and skipped my 1pm class) becuase it was 11am at this point, but, the day before I had made plans.  I told a German girl that I would get lunch with her becuase she wants to live in NYC this summer to dance and she had some questions for me.  So, I had to come back to go see her.

So, I made it back to the bus station and instead of taking a bus back to campus, I went to the Danish version of the DMV.  I applied for a number that represents me as a temporary citizen called the CPR number and all my friends had already received theirs in the mail and I hadn't.  So, I walked the 5 minutes to this place and got that number.  

After getting that number, I figured I should continue walking in the direction of campus, instead of back tracking for the bus station.  I thought I would find a bus stop "up the road."  As it turns out, there was no bus stop for campus.  

I was grudgingly walking up the road thinking about my poor luck when I saw a pretty nice bike on the side of the road with a sign "garbage" on it.  I decided to take it.  Even though it had a flat front tire, I still made it back to campus rather quickly.  Now, I plan on fixing it up and selling it.  So, that is one thing that went right today.

After I got back to my room, I had just enough time for an early lunch before meeting this girl to talk about her travel plans.  After meeting with her, I went to my class begining at one.  The professor lectured till 4:30.  Shoot me.  

Then, after dinner, I decided to fix that bike tire.  I borrowed some tools, took the tire off and ran the tire tube under water to try and find the leak.  No leak.  That is great, except, I just wasted all this time taking the tire off for no reason.  Now I have to put it back on and that is a hassel.  After I get it back on, I borrow a pump and try to inflate it, but, the nipple for the tire doesn't fit anyone's pumps.  I have to go to a bike store in Lyngby for that.  

Damn.  I'm going to bed.

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