Sunday, November 13, 2011


What a great weekend!  Right now, I'm watching a good game between my Giants and the SF 49'ers.  Later tonight, one of my favorite TV shows, The Walking Dead airs a new episode and my girlfriend and I are about to cook a delicious dinner.

I attended the Gamecocks game this weekend against the Florida Gators.  It was my first college (D1)/professional game I've been to.  The game itself was great.  It came down to the last play of the game and the Gamecocks won.  Our seats were high up, behind the goal post and opposite of the student section.  I had a great time.

The tailgating was great too.  We joined a great group, organized by parents.  The food was terrific.  They served appetizers consisting of dips, meatballs, stuffed mushrooms and deviled eggs.  I tried most everything and had a few beers before entering the stadium for the 1220 kickoff.

After the game, we went back outside to the same group where they had been all afternoon.  Most of them didn't even go into the stadium.  They set up satellites and TVs in their vehicles and sat around watching the game on TV.  The food after the game was more like dinner.  There was ham and crab legs and a shrimp dish.  It was delicious, except you needed to peel the shrimp, which was a pain and hard to do when not sitting at a table.  Afterwards, we all had some delicious cake.

I wonder if all tailgaters are this friendly.  Was it just because we were in the South that we could just join a party and eat their food?  Or, would we have been just as welcome to tailgate with a random group at a Giants game?  I'll have to try it and find out.

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