Saturday, November 5, 2011

Home Sweet Home

After my graduation in Groton, I b-lined it for Cheshire, CT, where I spent the evening with my Aunt and Uncle.  They had some company over and we had a nice dinner together.  I spent the night there, woke up this morning and was on the road by 1030, headed home.  It was an easy trip and I made good time.

Once I got home (home alone because my parents are at a wedding in NH), I unloaded some stuff and wanted to work out.  I jumped rope for 10 minutes to warm up and then went for a nice run around my neighborhood.  I like running around my neighborhood because it is safe, picturesque, and a good workout.  I like to see that it still looks how I remember it.

I'm going out tonight with newly-wed friends of mine.  They have been a couple for as long as I have known them, since high school.  I went to college with Steve and we joined the same fraternity.  Needless to say, Steve and Elyse are some of my best friends.  I couldn't make their wedding reception (it was a destination wedding) this summer because it was to close to my final exams.  I have been telling them for a long time that I would treat them to dinner as a wedding gift.  That is what were are doing tonight.

It also turns out that tonight is my fraternity's formal.  The formal is called "3 to 3" because it begins at 3 in the afternoon and ends at 3 in the morning.  Basically it is 12 hours of drinking, which gets difficult.  The funny part is, tonight is also daylight savings, so it becomes 13 hours of drinking.  This happened to my formal a few times.  Most partiers will not be able to stay awake until 3am.  Only my senior year did I make it until 3am and that was because I had a game plan.  Pacing yourself is a must.

All this writing about my formal makes me wish I was going again.  These were always great times... I think.  After all, we have this motto:  "It's the times you don't remember, that you'll remember forever."

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