Monday, April 20, 2009



Mom and Aunt Nancy came to visit me last week.  We had a wonderful time together.  They chose a good week to come to Copenhagen.  First and foremost, the weather was great.  The last couple of days were a little windy, but, still sunny.  If it had rained, I don't know what we would have done.  Secondly, I wasn't that busy this week.  It was the first week of classes since spring break so there was not much going on and I could spend a lot of time with them.

I met them at the airport no problem and then we made our way to the hotel where we had a minor delay.  Mom and Aunt Nancy were suffering from jet lag and the hotel couldn't give us a room for about 3 hrs.  We spent those hours in the lobby, where Mom was the only one lucky enough to fall asleep.  

Finally, around noon, we got checked into the room.  The room was really nice.  We got a cot and all of us took a 3 hr power nap.  After that, we for a walk around the city.  Nothing too intense, just a nice stroll so that we don't miss-out on a sunny day.  There were not many stores open, as would be the case through Monday, because everything shuts down for Easter.

For dinner that night, we ate at a nice little pub called Strecker's, on the famous Stroget Street.


On Easter morning, we woke up and walked about 30min to a Roman Catholic church for mass.  It was a nice ceremony that took about 1.5hrs.  Unfortunately it was all in Danish, but, surprisingly, the routine was the same.  I'm talking about the procession of the mass, it was very similar to the mass I'm used to in America.  

After that, we went to the Queens palace to see the "changing of the gaurds" ceremony begining at noon.  I'd never seen it before either and it was pretty cool.  

Then we went to the infamous Nyhavn Street (which is where my homepage picture was taken) for brunch and a boat tour.  It was a beautiful day and there were lots of people out doing the same as us.  We did the boat tour and that was a nice, quick way to see the main sites of the city.  The tour guide was most impressive because everything she said she translated into 3 Languages; English, German, and Danish.  

A view of Amalienborg Palace from the water.

I guess Aunt Nancy was a little cold on the boat tour.

My own picture of Nyhavn Street.

Then, we went to DTU so I could show them where/how I lived and introduce them to my friends.

I believe that we went to an Italian restaurante for dinner that night.  It was really good food and decently priced.  That was a nice way to wrap up the day.

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