Thursday, April 23, 2009

Visitors! Continued


I spent the night on Sunday so that we could get an early start on Monday.  We got the train to Hillerod, which is where the Fredericksburg Castle is.  I’d never been there and this place was fantastic.  Not only is it a unique castle from the 16th century, but, it is now the Danish National Art Museum so it had lots of artifacts.  I didn’t bring my camera so all the pictures are on Mom’s, but, here are a couple from the internet.

The entrance.

The church in the castle (I took better pictures).  It was beautiful.

We did a self guided walking tour, which was fine, and the place was absolutely gorgeous.  It was extremely extravegant.  We met a nice museum operator who pointed out some cool stuff about some of the paintings/architexture.  I was really glad we went.  

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