Sunday, April 26, 2009


My good friend from New Visions, Andrew, is here right now.  He got here on Thurday night an is leaving in the afternoon on Monday.  We are having a really nice time together.  Both Friday and Saturday nights we went out to the city and we did hours of sightseeing during the day yesterday. The more time I spend in the city the more I like it.

There were two highlights yesterday.  The first was walking through the King's Garden.  It is a huge park right near Norreport station.  I'm sorry I didn't bring Mom and Aunt Nancy through there.  Basically, it is like a huge party/picnic.  People just put down towels and have a couple drinks.  I will definitely come back here.

King's Garden.  How cool is that?

Andrew/Alex and I in front of Amelienborg Palace.

The second place we went was the infamous town of Christiania.  I'm not really sure I understand it enough to explain it, but, basically, it is aself governed hippie town.  It is very very liberal, to say the least.  You are not allowed to take pictures in the town because there is lots of illegal stuff.  It was bizzare and kinda scary.  But, we spent a couple hours walking around there an went back to DTU.

I had a barbecue to go to to celebrate a friends 21st birthday.  Andrew came with me and there were like 17 of us.  It was fun.  

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