Thursday, January 29, 2009

Orientation: Day 2

Today we went into the city, Copenhagen.  Busses were provided for us.  We stayed in our groups of 15 as we toured the city, led by our guide Anders, from DTU.  The city is beautiful.  It was very old, but, very busy and clean.  The city is full of history; there are a ton of commerative statues and plaques.

We began by visiting some of the most famous sites of the city, including the Little Mermaid and the Queen's Palace (including gaurds).  

Next, we went to the Danish National Museum for a history lesson.  That 
was a nice touch, as we learned a little about danish history from 1660 (the start of the monarchy) to today.  It was free to enter and I plan on going back because that was only a small exhibit in the museum.  I want to see the rest of it.

After that, we had time to ourselves.  We walked around the city and did more sight seeing.  It was cold so we stopped in an Irish bar.  

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