Saturday, May 2, 2009


I had a pretty good week.  It was pretty uneventful after Andrew left on Monday.  Friday is "Labor Day" all over Europe.  There were no classes.  As a result, Thursday night was really good.  There was a party on campus called the International Party.  At first, we thought that meant it was only for international students.  Instead, the theme was International and they would serve different drinks from all over the world.  

To their credit, they did a pretty good job.  The best part was the price.  They only charged 10USD to get in and then drinks were free the entire night.  I stuck to drinking beer that night, cause I wanted to take it easy.  There were a lot of people and it was really fun.  

I forgot, I attended a group dinner for my Introduction Week group before the party.  Thursday was a nice evening.

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