Friday, March 30, 2012

Business Stuff

...So, the business experiment didn't go so well.  It did keep me busy for awhile and I learned a lot from the experience.  I am proud to know that I had a business in MY name.  One that I invented and brought into existence.

Knowing I had a business, was an entrepreneur, is also the problem.  I'm disappointed in myself for failing.  I can't deny that the business was a complete flop.  I think the themes of EvlovE are well thought out, but, the business strategy we used didn't work.  In fact, we didn't really have a business strategy.  We had an idea and tried to morph that idea into a business without doing any real research.  For us, this didn't work out.  Some people's ideas are so revolutionary that they take off immediately without much work on their part.  That is what my team hoped for.  That is the primary reason we failed.

Our timing was also poor.  We launched a respectable, fully functional, website on schedule.  However, soon after the launch, school picked up (~14hrs/day) and we became so exhausted that dealing with a business was the last thing we wanted to do when we got home.  As a result, EvlovE became an afterthought and no significant efforts were made to sell t-shirts.

We each lost a few hundred dollars by establishing this business and then having a couple hundred t-shirts printed.  That hurts a little, but, I do hope that I get another chance to start a business.  It may not be selling t-shirts, but whatever it is, WILL be successful.

I have learned a lot by failing in this venture, probably more than I recognize.  I can't wait to try again and do it right.

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