Monday, October 31, 2011

Back to Charleston

I'm moving back to South Carolina in about a week (and I'm pumped).  I will be there for another 6-8 months.  I need to find a place to live.  I loved living on Daniel Island when I lived their last.  My previous roommate and I are now stationed in different places and none of my other friends want to live on Daniel Island.  They would rather live in downtown Charleston, within walking distance to the bars.  I have a couple problems with this:
1.  I'm not into the bar scene as much as I used to be
2.  Parking downtown can be terrible.  Where can my girlfriend park?
3.  It's a long commute to work
4.  No community pool or grill
5.  Busy/Noisy
6.  I have always lived with a roommate and never tried living alone
7.  Downtown is pretty, but, old

On the other hand, there would be some pros of living downtown:
1.  I'm good friends with the guys who invited me in
2.  It is the closest I could live to my girlfriend
3.  We could car pool to work everyday
4.  Having roommates is fun
5.  We can buy a grill
6.  Close to the bars so that when I want to go out, it's easy.
7.  It's cheaper living with others than living in a single
8.  I don't have to furnish a living room because they have furniture

If I choose not to live downtown, then I would probably live by myself in Mount Pleasant.  I need to makeup my mind quickly because I have found some nice single apartments in Mount Pleasant that I don't foresee lasting long.  Damn, this is tough.

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